The Real American Dream : Realizing Education Inequality

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Social Inequality
November 20, 2014
Research Paper:
Education Inequality

The Real American Dream: Realizing Education
Inequality through Intersectionality

In recent years, the term intersectionality has taken the foregrounds in understanding how differences such as age, gender, race, sexuality, disability, and religion, etc., interweave and intersect upon individual lives in modern society (Beck 1992). Intersectionality has become a demonstration as to understand, employ, and analyze with difference in which difference itself becomes a feature of otherness. Intersectionality is important to understand and realize because it is a dynamic that changes through different spaces and for different people; which works on a micro and macro level. In this paper, the goal is to explore the different views of inequality for individual’s education in the United States and show how intersectionality plays a vital role in understanding those differences that perpetuate education inequality, stratification, and social reproduction. To begin, the promise of quality education is an important civil right that has yet to be fully actualized in the American educational system. This promise of quality education stems from an ideology known as the “American Dream.” The American Dream has been the core concept of not only just American patriotism but also American’s first stepping-stones of education. This dream “encourages each person who lives in the United States to pursue success,…
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