The Real Blanche DuBois

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The characters in “A Streetcar Named Desire”, most notably Blanche, demonstrates the quality of “being misplaced” and “being torn away from out chosen image of what and who we are” throughout the entirety of the play. Blanche could be seen as the central character for “being torn away from (her) chosen image”, as the image she projects to the world gets cruelly ripped away from her through a series of events that lead to her demise. Blanche is described as being “moth like”, meaning that she has to hide herself in the dark for fear of going into the light, and in turn revealing the ‘real’ Blanche; she would become the moth, and metaphorically “die” in the light that she divulges. From the first moment the Williams introduces Blanche, it…show more content…
Belle Reve is another thing that Blanche loses her grip on and once again becomes frenzied at what she has had to leave behind, “You are not one that abandoned Belle Reve, not I! I stayed and fought for it, bled for it, almost died for it!” Her anger at leaving her status at Belle Reve behind is projected on to Stella for not doing more to help her in her quest to keep Belle Reve when she believes Stella has done so little, “You just came home in time for the funerals…Where were you? In bed with your – Pollack!” Blanche’s loss of Belle Reve is an important factor in her having a fear of “being misplaced (and) torn away from (her) chosen image”. Whilst she wishes to project the image of the lady that lies in her past, she is instead showing how the losses from her past have changed her, especially since the death of her husband. Her fragile mental stare is not helped by her brother in law Stanley. Blanche sees Stanley as nothing more than an animal, and is someone she would never usually associate with under her “Southern Belle” persona. She has never come across anyone like him before, “Stanley is Polish…”“They’re something like the Irish aren’t they?” Blanche sees Stanley’s heritage as ‘wrong’ because he is something entirely different to what she is used to, highlighting the fact that she is a world away from her chosen image, and the fact that being torn away from this image
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