The Real Estate And Construction Industry

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The real estate and construction industry has changed significantly over the past several years. It is an industry driven primarily by private investors; the presence of securitized real estate has increased considerably. Not unexpectedly, the influence of institutional investors on the real estate industry is formidable. They are beginning to experience a higher degree of scrutiny by investors, consultants and analysts, and are expected to deliver "best in class" service in all areas - from property management to risk management. To be successful in this environment, where our collective "performance bar" is being raised significantly, the real estate industry will have to dedicate more resources and develop a higher degree of operational…show more content…
Most of the rural development projects are likely to get lower ratings which may drive away private investors and financiers from participating in such projects. ORGANISATION OF THESIS The thesis is organized into seven chapters. The first chapter gives an introduction to the present study. The second chapter gives detail concepts of risk management. The third chapter presents the objective of this investigation. Literature survey is explained in the chapter four. Research methodology is given in the chapter five. The analysis of results is in chapter six. Chapter seven gives the conclusion drawn from this investigation and suggestions for future work. Finally the bibliographic references are given at the end. PURPOSE & SCOPE OF STUDY The Development of infrastructure is one of the most important activities that can boost up the business of the various Industries, thereby increasing the Gross Domestic Product (GDP). Due to this fact countries stress on infrastructure development and provide finances for the same in their yearly budget. The various such projects are in themselves vast and big and involve a lot of money. This vastness of each Project leave slot of scope for various problems from clearances to land acquisition, wastage, unforeseen delays, natural calamities etc., leading to time and cost overrun in the project. The cost overrun can be of huge magnitude in a project involving large

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