The Real Estate Business : A Wide And Extensive Social Network

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Encourage Networking
In the real estate business it is important to have a wide and extensive social network. Encourage your birddogs to widen their network in both their community as well as in the real estate business itself. Local real estate investor or REI meetings are a great place to network with other industry professionals. Many times investors may come across good properties that just don’t fit their own investment criteria. In such cases they are likely to pass the property lead on to a colleague or friend in the business. On the flip side of this, encourage your birddogs to keep in mind the difference between friendly competition and all out rivalry. While their may be a finite amount of suitable investment property in your area, it does little for your long term business to establish a bad reputation with your colleagues. Like it or not, your birddogs’ behavior reflects directly on you.
Encourage Using the Internet as a Free Way to Find Motivated Sellers
Using the Internet for lead generation can be a great way for your birddogs to limit their costs and the amount of running around the half to do to chase down prospects. Motivated sellers often post on Craigslist, Backpage, and other websites in the For Sale by Owner section. Your birddogs can prospect using the websites’ search tools by plugging in phrases like “motivated seller,” “must sell,” and “fixer-upper.” Also, as your birddogs surf the Internet and network in the physical world with other real estate…

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