The Real Estate Market

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Slam! When you hear the final time your soon-to-be home’s door closes, it takes more than just a roof away, it takes out a bit of your heart along with it. You have once had hopes, aspirations, goals for this home, and now they are stripped away from you because of the economy collapsing. However, recently the buyers who were once remorseful, are now in a position to take back new homes and start their families thank to the turnaround of the real estate market. Still, they are hesitant of making a commitment to a home because of the trauma they had previously faced. This has created multiple ways to put the buyers’ minds at ease as they are still working toward attaining a new lease/mortgage. I had lived in Merced, California from 2006 up until 2010. This time frame will go down in history as probably the worst time to have tried to rent, own or live in that town due to the skyrocketing amounts of the foreclosure that occurred there. We always rented from owners that seemed unsure of letting go of their property, and this hesitation in letting go of their ‘for rent’ houses always came to a conclusion when we found out we were losing that house. Merced was one of the foreclosure capitals of the entire country, and no one decided to tell my family. We averaged a move about every seven months, and we were so used to packing up and unpacking boxes among boxes. Soon we just came to the consensus that we should save all of our boxes and leave some of the less important ones

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