The Real Mary King's Close: Principles of Human Resources

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1) Introduction
The aim of the report is to evaluate and analyse the principles of human resources in general and within the liked visitor attraction of Edinburgh, The Real Mary King’s Close.
The report includes the recruitment proceeding from designing a job description and personnel specification to selection new members of staff and providing induction process, and training before and during the job on the site. The customer care training benefits are also included.
The Real Mary King’s Close is 5* visitor attraction in Edinburgh and it is located in the heard of Edinburgh Old Town. The tours are running underground, beneath buildings of Royal Mile. There is an alley of the streets and spaces right there. The close was very busy
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4) The function of a person specification
The person specification focuses on the type of person who might be the ideal job holder. It may include the personal attributes and qualities, training and skills, experience in similar post would be also beneficial. The requirements for person specifications are likely listed in order to their priority and classified as ‘essential’ or ‘desirable’ for the specific job.
The example of personnel specification is attached in an Appendix 2.

5) Range of job functions
The Continuum Group is unique in operating a group of cultural attractions commercially. Their main objective is to maintain the high quality of their customer service to achieve a growth of visitor number and to make a profit for them and their partners.
Continuum Group owns and operates a number of leading visitor attractions in the UK and welcomes about 1 million visitors per year. (Cision, 2014)
The RMKC is one of the tourist attractions that belong to the Continuum Group.
The RMKC is an award-winning heritage attraction which provides underground tours to more than 150,000 visitors a year.
In the RMKC, the manager duties include leading and developing team of staff who influences every aspect of the customer experience to bring the stories of the hidden street to life, helping ensure that this truly special place continues to run smoothly and focus on managing all the on-site visitor
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