The Real Question Is Who Are You? Essay

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Jesselyn Wightman Professor Smith Composition II 1302 September 23, 2016 The Real Question is Who Are You? “Where Are You Going, Were Have You Been” by Joyce Oates, is one of most the craziest, unexpected plot twist of a story I have ever read. Through this short story you are narrated through the background of the ups and downs of a young girl’s life and through the strange encounter with a peculiar man. Joyce Oates will make you question, and feel alongside her main character as you try to grasp onto this strange fictional mystery. In the beginning of this plot twisted story, you are introduced to a young girl of the age of 15, named Connie. They introduced this protagonist as someone who cares to much about her appearance, and is often compared to her older more ‘perfect’ sister Judy. She often felt misunderstood and tended to not follow her families more traditional values. It goes on to introduce more characters like Eddie and her mom, but they don’t play much of a role in this story. It is not until near the end of this short story when she stays home from ‘the end of the summer’ family barbeque, that things start to pick up and you are introduced to the antagonist Arnold and his friend Ellie. Oates added a lot of suspense/twist to the story when she brought in Arnold (a stranger to Connie). Arnold was a guy who Connie ran into at the restaurant at one point in the story but who she soon forgot about since she was preoccupied with Eddie. Anyway, Arnold randomly shows

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