The Real Reason And Faith

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Now possessing both reason and faith, she wrote a series of three articles titled The Real Reason in which she noted, “It is not that you abandon your reason…but rather having gone as far as your reason will carry you, God, at your prayerful request, carries it into the realm of Faith. And Supernatural aid lifts and illumines earthly reason.” Her confessions amidst these articles was a Clare so far from the “restless,” Nietzsche inspired, Catholic shaming, “husband snatching,” “money-marrying,” worldly-ambitious woman Clare was so famously thought of as. The content of these articles, consequently, rendered over a thousand letters of feedback, both negative and positive. A friend, in particular, wrote on the positive side stating, “Clare always had the capability of being great… Her conversion to Catholicism had given her the humility, the gentleness, and the warmth to love individual people as opposed to a sense of duty to humanity. These were the things she needed to make her the really great woman she now is.” She was officially accepted into the Catholic church in 1946, the same year she decided she would retire from politics. This decision was, in truth, greatly influenced by her faith. In a conversation with Wilfrid Sheed, she stated that the trouble with politics was you could never admit a mistake, which hardly suited her “confessional mood at the moment.” Furthermore, she was determined to avoid assumptions that her Catholic conversion was for political
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