The Real Reason College Tuition Cost So Much By Paul F. Campos

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It is quite obvious that receiving an education beyond high school is very expensive, but why? The cost of college has increased to more than half of what it was thirty-five years ago. Paul F. Campos, in his article “The Real Reason College Tuition Cost So Much,” scrutinizes the reasons why the price of college has gone up so much, and who is to blame for the problem. In his article, Campos answers his question of why higher education is so pricey now compared to then and explains the reasons behind this insane rise in tuition cost.
First, Campos explains how the shocking climb in the price of a higher education associates sharply with an enormous advancement in public subsidies for higher education. Campos states that open interest in a college education in the United States is tremendously bigger today, in expansion balanced dollars, compared to what it was financing during the 1960’s. Campos uses the government and military as an example by saying such spending has expanded at a faster pace than government expenditure all in all. For instance, the military's financial plan is currently
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Campos makes a point to say that although the number of individuals attending college has not expanded since the last part of the 1950’s (the baby boom) the rate of the individuals actually selected in schools has risen essentially, particularly in the most recent 20 years. Enlistment in undergrad and graduate programs has expanded by just about 50 percent since the year 1995. Campos then uses a personal example to explain what he means. He says when he was an undergrad at the University of Michigan in 1980, his parents were paying more than twofold the in state educational cost that students had been charged in 1960. Campos then goes on to say that residential educational cost at Michigan currently, is about four times higher than it was in
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