The Real Risk Of Playing Football

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The Real Risk of Playing Football From the age of eight years old I loved to play football. I looked up to those who had made my favorite pastime a profession with a sense of idolization. The speed, strength and aggression they used to play the game left me in amazement and with goals to play more like they did. But I have one specific memory that stands out above the rest. It was the first time I had ever seen someone carted off the football field for an injury. In this case it was a torn ligament in the knee. The rest of my time playing football I was told how dangerous it was and that it would ruin my body, which in many ways it did even before I turned 18, but until only a few years ago nobody had yet fathomed that it would do far worse damage to a player’s mind. CTE is the abbreviated name for the trauma caused to the brain after multiple concussions which is most commonly found in football players. It has horrific side effects similar to schizophrenia and it is excruciatingly painful. It can cause a person to hear voices and even have a strong desire to follow what those voices tell him or her to do. This has opened a new age in football by introducing an old question with new force, is there anyway to make football safe enough to play? For years people have found ways to make football safer for the body by introducing new technologies in padding specifically the helmet and knee braces. This is because until now that was believed by the general public to be the only
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