The Real Sex Addiction Essay

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In this time period, there are many different disorders and illnesses that go unnoticed, and unknown. Society creates stereotypes about illnesses such as obsessive compulsive disorder, clinical Depression, and many other mental afflictions. Another that seems to remain controversial and misunderstood is sexual compulsive behaviors. Many see it as an excuse to act a certain way, or think a certain way; in reality it is a serious mental disorder that can cause devastating effects on the people that are consumed by them and the people who are around them. Something that is however, known about sexual compulsive behaviors is that there are certain things that can emotionally damage a person and cause them to have these behaviors. The three…show more content…
Using the term sexual compulsive behaviors is more appropriate because it addresses the symptoms that some term as “sex addiction”, but use a term that is more effective in describing what it really is and how it should be treated. A person uses sexual compulsive behaviors because they lack in some other area, such a coping mechanisms, or because they have insecure personal attachments. Something has to cause these behaviors, they aren’t caused by any chemical like drugs and alcohol. Another major argument about this subject arises because it is in human nature to feel the need to reproduce and to have sex. This makes treating the problem baffling , because it goes against human nature to completely cut out all forms of sex. This is another reason why “sex addiction” is incorrect terminology, because sex isn’t hurtful to oneself, however it does become a problem when it starts to affect a person’s life in detrimental ways. It only becomes a problem when it is out of control. It is normal for some people to have a higher sex drive then others, and it is healthy to want to have multiple partners. The problem comes into play when it is needed for emotional purposes, to need validation and affection. Only then is it considered unhealthy, because people should have secure relationships, and coping mechanisms that can help them get the feelings they need. Just like many other compulsive behaviors, sexual compulsive behaviors can be treated, just not
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