The Real Slumdog 's Documentary

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a. Globalization/pg. 29: The growing interconnections among nations due to the expansion of capitalism

The Real Slumdog’s documentary was very interesting and eye opening. The amount of businesses that are run in the one square mile area of Dharavi affect the entire capitalism of the world. Look at it this way, the Slumdog’s as they’re called make crappy money to make some very intricate products. These products will be shipped from Mumbai to the rest of the world eventually. As the products are marked up by middle men, the money does not filter its way back to the Dharavi slum. Thus, the products might be ten dollars in a store, but initially the slum workers get paid barely anything and do not get to see the profit that they could. These people work to survive. Mumbai is a very intricate and bustling city, and has a large amount of money and products moved through it each day. In the inner city though, it is not as cheap to make the products. There also are not the massive amounts of laborers that are found in Dharavi. Moving away from product production we can look at the dumps of Dharavi. A large amount of the trash from the inner city is sent to the slum to be processed. The workers that sort through the trash are called rag pickers. The rag pickers make very little money for what they do, but the work that they do is very important. They separate the waste into different categories to be processed and recycled accordingly. They separate the metals from plastics, and

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