The Real Struggle with Height Discrimination

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Height Discrimination Many people don’t realize that height discrimination exist in this world. Whether it’s in the workplace, school, or in the sports field. This neglected problem isn’t considered an issue except for the individuals who are facing heightism. Alan Newman, a published author for “The Social Complex” wrote an article titled “The Issue of Height Discrimination in Modern Community” claiming “Discrimination influenced by height is referred to as heightism, and however this is probably one of the most blatant kind of discrimination that men and woman get away with.” Also Newman state that surveys and experiments discovered that shorter people struggle more on a daily base than taller people. He mentions that being tall means that you earn more than being short, which makes him believe that it is mostly a psychology and sociology issue. Height discrimination even influence on society in several areas. For example in sports, height discrimination is an in evitable topic. A great amount of sponsors believe that taller and bulkier athletes are much more amusing than the shorter athletes, to the point where it may harm their career, leading the short athletes to look into growth hormones and steroids. (Newman) Another expert by the name of James Popkie wrote an article with the title “Height Discrimination a concern” for “The Cord” implies that being short leads to you being discriminated against that even starting a case against heightism itself is difficult
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