The Real Truth about Batman and Superman Essay

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The Real Truth about Batman and Superman Now in these days everyone one likes to read comic books since they became part of our society. What makes them interesting is how entertaining they could get giving us different points of views on different stories of superheroes. Many of us believe that “Classic superheroes stories are wildly fun, suspenseful and exciting” (Tom and Matt Morris) forgetting the idea of what really makes a hero. Different perceptions of superheroes are considered based on their wrong actions and way of thinking. Frank’s Miller Batman: The Dark Knight Returns is one of the comic books that make us “rethink the conception of the superhero and press each of us to reconsider some of the fundamental moral principles…show more content…
Superman has powers like flying, x-rays, and heat vision. With his power Superman faces responsibilities and difficulties in calm and adequate ways. The opposite of Batman is that he is more aggressive and very impulsive in the moment to attack. They are very easily distinguished either in a comic book or a movie for their customs in different colors. Batman outfit is gray with black and a mask which anyone could determine the evil and dark he represents by the outside. Superman is in a brightest outfit representing America and the kind a hero they will choose definitely to fight crime. Frank Miller only wanted to bring Batman a little bit different with other perceptions including his principal rival Superman to make the story interesting and give the opportunity for many readers to notice wrong actions from our comic heroes. Batman’s violent actions in Frank’s Miller comic book demonstrated the darkness of his heroic personality. After ten year retirement, Batman became more troubled to Gotham City turning to a crime-ridden and a fugitive. According to Joseph Campbell words “everything begins with a story”. The beginning of Batman’s story started after the death of his parents. They were shot by some criminals because they were going to steal and hurt them. Having to experienced this horrible scene on his childhood, traumatized Batman

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