The Real World Business Manager

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There are plenty of factors that could decide the managerial performance and could help an individual manager to refine his approaches and strategies for the benefit of the company as well as there are plenty of basic themes on which the qualities of a manager are based upon and the consequences of his actions could monitor the success of the company. The objective of this essay is to explain the themes that are selected from the talk of the real world business managers and to link it to the manager. Based on every particular theme as selected for analysis, there are both positives and negatives attached to it. There are various plus points that attach the themes to the benefit of a manager and some of the negative areas
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The various roles of a manager in a company will be decided by their style of management and the way they handle various situations in an organization. The two of the main styles are autocratic and Democratic (Jordan, 1977). With a contrast in both the style, every management style comes in a way between these two opposing management styles. Autocratic style is oriented towards the results and the strict rules and procedures that should be followed by the employees whereas in a Democratic style the manager is completely oriented towards people and their needs and hence employees and customers are the main themes for his management. The choice of management style will suit according to the required situations as every style is not fit for every scenario and hence an efficient mapping must be done. It is an art of getting the employees and the projects on a platform and to have a vision to extract the best out of all to come over an excellent result. There cannot be a single management style that will incorporate every required feature for an efficient and effective management style. Management style is the soul of a bonding amongst the employees (Morris, 1992) so as to motivate them to work together towards a strengthened goal. It is expected that a manager must be a glue to integrate all the employees and must have attribute of a
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