The Realco Breadmaster Is A Good Position Of Growing Essay

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The Realco Breadmaster
The Realco Breadmaster is a business that is in a good position of growing. They have been in business a few and introduced a new bread maker that has been highly successful due to its competitive pricing and nice features (Bozarth & Handfield, 2016). The owner, Johnny Chang has a dilemma of not understanding if they are in position to meet the challenges of a growing business. Mr. Chang is concerned that his company may not be able to meet demands nor does he want to have too much inventory at one time. Mr. Chang has taken a good step by being proactive in his planning and questioning key employees such as the inventory and marketing managers for input on what the current process is. After careful review, it has been determined that Mr. Chang’s concerns were correct. There needs to be a 6,000-piece production increase of bread makers. It is also recommended that the company Realco Breadmaster shift its production schedules to weekly instead of every two weeks.
Has Realco Overpromised?
Currently, Realco has been able meet the demand required, but without increasing production they will soon be overpromising. An ethical issue will begin to arise if something is not corrected. Larry Chonko, a professor of business ethics in the marketing department of University of Texas at Arlington states “ethical selling is about developing trust.” This would include “saying the right things, and printing the right things, not overpromising and making

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