Essay on The Realistic Objectives of Henry VII's Foreign Policy

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The Realistic Objectives of Henry VII's Foreign Policy

According to the source, Henry's objectives were to ensure the security of his country and dynasty and to avoid foreign military intervention i.e. build up good relationships with neighbouring foreign powers. I also think that trade and prestige came into his objectives. Trade was important to him as it ensured the power of his country and, again, was important to England's relationship with foreign powers. Also prestige was important for Henry, but more for himself than for the good of the country.

Why was foreign military intervention a problem for Henry VII between 1485 and 1509?

During Henry VII's reign, he was very worried about
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He was seeing a repeat of what had happened four years previously and, even though he had defeated Lambert Simnel, he could not be so confident that he would manage it again. The fact that Perkin Warbeck gained the support of James IV, Charles VIII and Maximilian Habsburg was what worried Henry the most. Again it was more a matter of the way other powers had responded to the pretender than Perkin Warbeck himself which posed a threat to Henry. When Perkin Warbeck invaded England in 1495 he was quickly captured by Henry and sentenced to death. But although Perkin Warbeck was dead, Henry was still worried by the fact that he had managed to get so much international support. Could he rely on his neighbouring foreign powers anymore?

Foreign military intervention itself wasn't so much a problem for Henry: there were no large-scale invasions of England during his reign and for the most part he managed to avoid war altogether. But Henry was constantly worried about the threat of an invasion and pretenders like Perkin Warbeck and Lambert Simnel only served as irritants to make him even more worried and to show him that he didn't have the full support of important powers like France. One of his main purposes in life was to secure the throne for his future dynasty. Therefore the avoidance of foreign invasion was of the
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