The Realities Of A Long Term Grid Down Scenario

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10 Realities of a Long Term Grid Down Scenario In any kind of a long term, power grid down scenario, you can be guaranteed that survival for you and your family will become the only thing on your mind. It’s also going to be the only thing on the mind for every other person as well, meaning that you’ll find yourself stuck in a torn apart and dangerous world where the rule of law has been effectively thrown out and everybody is competing with one another to survive. What makes the situation worse, however, is how everyone is going to be taken completely by surprise for if and when disaster strikes. Even preppers who have spent years preparing themselves physically and emotionally and have stocked up a decade’s worth of resources…show more content…
All the food you have is what you have in your house. Yes, you can try your shot at hunting or foraging out in the wilderness, but so will thousands of other people. Sooner or later, the animal and plant population in the wilds will decrease substantially until hunting and foraging is simply no longer a dependable option for finding food. As with water, store plenty of foods with a long shelf life like MRE’s, and consider raising livestock and growing crops so you can be self-sustainable on food. REALITY #3 – NO GASOLINE Gasoline pumps run on electricity, so when the power grid goes down, so do the gasoline pumps. The only gasoline you can use is what you already have stored away or what you can scavenge from other vehicles. Beyond yourself, this will also bring supply chains to a screeching halt as well. So if you were hoping that your local grocery store would be resupplied in a matter of days or weeks, we’re sorry to say it won’t be happening. REALITY #4 – NO INTERNET OR CELL SERVICE Once the generators powering the cell towers are shut off, cell service will suddenly become a thing of the past and will likely be for many more months or years to come. Nothing much better can be said about what will happen to the internet. In other words, all of the communication/networking systems and social media that we take for granted today will simply no longer be around. This

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