The Realities of Life Essay

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As humans, we base our lives around social interaction. We learn to live through various means of socialization from the time we are born. Without this socialization and interaction among each other, we can become very disillusioned and confused about society. One would tend to isolate ourselves; exiled in this place we call the world. In Katherine Mansfield’s short story “Miss Brill,” one such person, herself a kind of outcast of society, creates a fantasy world in which she is at the center. “Miss Brill” is the story of a woman battling with loneliness. She partakes in a ritual in which every Sunday she would spend the entire afternoon at the local park eavesdropping and observing the people around her. In her mind everyone around her is…show more content…
She makes notes of everything from the clothes to the actions. She takes pride in her ability to eavesdrop. Miss Brill omits herself from the rest people. Even the elderly people around her, Miss Brill quickly distances herself from them as thought she was different from them. Miss Brill associates and relates herself to the younger and attractive people, the people in which society is the most acceptable. She watches everyone around her as if she were viewing a play. She seems to refuse to deal with the idea that she is a common woman, yet alone a woman of her age. She seems to do this by turning everything ordinary into her fantasy. It’s as if she doesn’t want to accept her own. She does not want to be old or alone and as she comes closer to reality, she seems to be unconscious about it. Miss Brill’s character is described as one of a tortured soul and she chooses to escape than to deal with her life. It’s as if she has a need to have self-gratification through her make believe companionship. Miss Brill encounters a young couple who say she is a stupid old thing; she has to face the harsh reality. The idea she so desperately tries to hide from thrown in her face. Miss Brill is hurt from the revelation that she decides to sway from her usual trip to the bakery and goes home. At home, she has to deal with her reality because there is nothing and no one she could use to dramatize her life. Miss Brill has to accept the idea
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