The Reality And Hoax Of Climate Change

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Between The Reality and Hoax of Climate Change
People usually get into a long conversation or avoid the argument in the first place when they talk about Climate Change or Global Warming. In fact, climate change is one of the most debatable subjects in the modern era. In addition, there are different views about this subject. One is from the scientific community prospect, which they believe in this phenomenon. On the other hand, there is the skepticism of the economists and investors, especially who work for large oil and gas corporations and real estates to protect their financial status. Primarily, the phenomenon of climate change represents the rapid increase of the global surface temperature. Climate Change is real because there are
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In fact, the rise in global temperature will lead to melt massive pieces of the frozen areas in Antarctica and hence, the oceans will expand and the sea level will rise. As a result of the oceans’ expansion, large lands will start to disappear underwater. One of the recent examples of Climate Change is the giant 17-mile-long crack in Antarctica. In addition, the incident of flooding areas in the regions near to the oceans increased dramatically in the recent years. Also, there were a noticeable number of coasts and beaches partially disappeared due to the rise of water level. For instance, the rise of sea level due to Climate Change caused 16.9 square kilometers to disappear from the Mumbai coastal area in the 20 century (Nayak). The scientific data illustrated that the sea level will rise continuously in the next 50 years. For example, the sea level of south Florida coastal areas expected to rise from 14 to 16 inches by the year 2060 (Jacobs and Hogan). All the scientific facts contradict the idea that sea level rise is only a hoax and does not result from Climate Change effects.
Change in the weather is not a disputable matter; however, the change in the weather pattern is a concerning issue that might indicate an alarm of future harmful effects. Every now and then irregular weather conditions happen in a way never witnessed before. For instance, falling snow in the deserted areas that usually recognize

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