The Reality Is The Degree Of Freedom

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Each morning millions of men and women around the globe head to work, most if not all, have a vision and goal to prosper. But for some that may never happen, there’s a division between dream and reality. The reality is the degree of freedom in which a Country offers its people. Freedom regarding allowing and elevating an individual the right to choose their path in life. In 2015 the World erupted on an ever more increasing struggle for power, and reach the highest 10-year decline for World Freedom. Of course, there has been progressing for some; there remain more than half of the 195 countries unfree or oppressed. While 72 Countries last year including America (increased in government interference and regulation) has declined in Freedom, out of the unfree and or oppressed countries. The analysis below compares China and Cuba of any similarities or differences shared. Nearly 8,500 miles apart, yet both countries continue to have a well-established relation, and China’s interest in Cuba remains aggressive. Both China, a Single-party regime lead by XI Jinping and the Chinese Communist Party. And Cuba, a Single-party regime controlled by Fidel Castro’s Brother Raul, which now leads both the Cuban government and the Cuban Communist Party. Both Leaders are relatively new to the title, but not so much as to what the position entails, considering both have been political involve for the greater portion of their career. Both are well familiar with the ability and is currently
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