The Reality Observation Between Women And Women

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The woman in bikini and the woman in hijab uniform, as the picture drawer prefer to call it, was based on showing the reality observation between the two females in two different cultures and ethics. The picture shows two women crossing by while looking at each other, observing each other and judging each other by the way each one of them was dressed like. Women have been treated differently among societies within the last thousands of years, or if I may say since Adam and Eve were settled on planet earth. In some cultures, nowadays, women can simply wear whatever they like such as bikinis or even can go naked in some other cultures. In the Arab culture, mostly the culture that follows the religion of Islam would find this behavior unacceptable and forbidden. The picture drawer draw this picture with absolute magnificent imagination, where he draw the two women crossing by each other somewhere down the street, making the best comments that most people would think about when he stated that the women in the bikini sought the woman in Hijab and said " Everything covered but her eyes, what a cruel MALE-DOMINATED CULTURE! When also the woman in hijab said by what he stated " Nothing covered but her eyes (referring to her wearing sunglasses), what a cruel MALE-DOMINATED CULTURE". The two women both agreed on blaming the cruel male domination as they observed each other. The two women who are appearing in the picture can obviously be known that they are from two different cultures.
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