The Reality Of A Fake Image

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Today’s generation has been quite a roller coaster when one has trouble believing whether something is actual or not- especially an image. No one would have ever thought that about 100 years ago, photos would be a controversial subject today. Two definitive Journalists in two different conventional articles offer strongly opposed yet ultimately bounding approaches to the making and circulation of these manipulated images. Sherry Ricchiardi, in “Distorted Picture” suggest that manipulated images using Photoshop, Instagram, etc. are crossing line. Matt Carlson articulates that we should take seriously issues of craft, particularly with regard to images of war in his article “The Reality of a Fake Image; News norms, photojournalistic craft, and Brian Walski’s fabricated photograph”. Ricchiardi addresses that photo editors commonly say that the only appropriate techniques with Photoshop are those analogous to what was acceptable in the traditional darkroom. That might ring hollow to a generation of photographers who have always processed images on computers and transmitted them to the photo desk from the nearest Starbucks. Still, one rule is clear: Removing visual content from a photo or adding it crosses the divide. She is implying that with new technology, faking or modifying photographs has never been simpler, faster or more difficult to detect. To look around as a whole society, this representation is resonating to a generation of photographers who have always processed
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