The Reality Of A Real Life Chess Match Behind The Movie ' Hunters '

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If you had to disappear, could you? This is the catch phrase of CBS’s latest reality TV show Hunted. I was instantly captured by the first episode of heart-pounding excitement, as eighteen ordinary U.S. citizens known as the ‘hunted’ portray fugitives. They have to remain hidden and try to outwit thirty-two of the top investigators in the world known as the ‘hunters’. Nonetheless, I have never been a huge fan of the reality show genre, this show puts the ‘real’ back in reality TV, immediately mesmerizing my curiosity. The surreal reactions of non-actors kept my attention plastered to my TV as I felt like I was right there with them saying “No!” “Don’t do that!” or “Yes, do that, hurry up before you get caught!” I thoroughly enjoyed…show more content…
Diversity amongst the hunted spans from all walks of life ranging from the stay-at-home father to a criminal lawyer. While the hunters have over 100 years collectively in local, federal, and government law enforcement experience in tracking down fugitives, and take great pride in doing so. I’ve always liked rooting for the underdog, and cheered the hunted teams to win. The one in particular is a former gang member turned criminal lawyer and his fiancé. His history of getting in trouble with the law at a young age is what I think brings his experience of street smarts and his ability to make quick decisions under duress. While his religionists fiancé brings her large circle of trusted close family and friends to utilize as resources while they are on the run. On the flip side of the coin, I feel that the hunters are over confident, cocky and their main advantage is technology. For instance, the hunter will say things like “We’re all around you, give up it’s over.” Or “It’s just a matter of time, they will make a mistake.” This adds fuels my desire for the hunted to beat them at their own game. Consequently, both sides are always brewing ideas to manipulate human behavior to get the information they need. Not to forget they have a multitude of environmental landscapes bringing a culmination of complexity for each team’s situation. Even centuries of human evolution can only

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