The Reality Of Athletics : The World Would Never Be The Same Without Sports

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Eric Naglich Eng 101 Ms. Karslake The Reality of Athletics The world would never be the same without sports. Sports are a necessity, and without them, humans wouldn’t be the passionate, lively, or ambitious beings that they are today. Every year there is a legendary big game, be it the Super Bowl or the Champions League final. There is always a team to cheer for, and these games bring people together, and sometimes split them apart. Sports are about more than just who wins or loses and they can effect schools and the future of the students who play them. In the past sports have created uprisings, started and even ended wars, many having to do with races and equality. Forming cultures, and even in the business world, sports can change…show more content…
Family and friends and people who have never even met before all come together to celebrate the players. These players are glorified and the students become excited. Humans are crazy about sports, and it is obvious in the world’s culture and history. Parents celebrate their children, and fans come from far and wide to watch the popular city team play. Jay Evenson, author of the article “Union Football, Spencer Hadley: This is why sports can really matter”, asks the question that humanity has always been searching for the answer to, “What is it about watching people chase, swat or shoot a ball that not only captivates people but makes them develop loyalties that can, at times, cause grownups to behave like infants?” (Evenson). Fans and teams do crazy things for their sports. “There is evidence colleges were enrolling good players and pretending to put them in classes as early as the late 1800s” (Evensen). People were crazy about sports even so long ago. Over time this culture has turned into more than a past-time, but it has been developed into a getaway and a learning place for everyone. Although sports are played to have fun, there is more to it. Many things are needed to bring the team to victory including teamwork and creative strategy. Techniques in sports are unlike other life challenges, and they take quick thinking and flawless teamwork to complete. These players must be disciplined and prepared for hard work. Every day after school there are
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