The Reality Of Disney Films

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These years, many children at a very young age have exposed to Disney movies, and these movies usually convey the Disney ideology to children. However, the Disney ideology in animated films is not completely what people thought it is. Majority of the parents do not know that Disney movies have ruined the thought of many children in some sort of degree; the reason for that is Disney films have shown the racism concept to children, and under subconscious situation. Children are like a sponge; they absorb all of the story tales in the movies and remember them deeply into their heart and head. Those children’s future will be affected without knowing anything else; particularly the questions are related to racism. I am a Malaysian, and I am a Chinese. The population of Malaysia consists of three main ethnic groups that are Malays, Chinese, and Indians. I love to watch Disney animated films since I was a child. Disney films have shown the racism concept under subconscious situation. Disney films have influenced my thinking and behavior deeply towards other races, and I did not realize that my thinking and behavior actually showed that I was racist. In my experience, every time I saw an Indian or Malay on a street, I would become cautious; this is because their skin tone is darker than mine so I think they were bad person, and they would harm me with no reason. Disney usually use color symbolism like black color as evil and white color as goodness to show which characters are bad
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