The Reality Of Empire And Its Ruins

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I have decided to take a different approach to the whole perception of empire and its ruins to a more abstract level. Believe it or not, I have approached an area where I believe many have looked over (I can assume that the reasons are obvious depending on the area that comes to mind) and it cannot be more relevant: empires effects careers.
Careers on an empire are so dependent on two main factors: social class and gender. Gender distinctly generates the role, or in this case, the career in society and how it is perceived. I feel it is needless to repeat and reemphasize that women had a background yet impactful involvement towards fertility, religion, and slight politics during early civilization. Not to mention, there were very limited accessibility to move up in social class such as matrimony, or induction to the military on both genders. Since then, we have progressed tremendously on both factors, especially now in present-day America. However, the backlash to these improvements are still predominant: sexism, the gender wage-gap, religion, race, location, etc.
Regardless of these obvious factors that play into an empire’s economic manifest in its people with career making, I do believe that there is one group that has been oppressed severely without many realizing: the millennials. America and perhaps other countries as well, would emphasize on the millennials that a career is the most important decision in their life right above marriage, children, home mortgage, etc.
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