The Reality Of Entertainment Media

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Over the years, entertainment media has been constantly evolving and having to adapt in order to survive the ever-changing technological landscape as well as resulting change in consumer consumption. From radio to television, music to books, no entertainment media is spared. All must learn to “adapt or die”. In this essay I will be looking at how these media got to where they are now, and where I believe they are heading in the future. To begin, let’s first start by looking at one of the largest money grossing industries in our country, the movies. Since their inception, movies have been a cultural phenomenon. In the 1920s and 30s ornate movie palaces inspired by ancient temples and cathedrals were built in order to showcase these…show more content…
This model of movie consumption combines consumers’ desires to have access to many things at once and to have them whenever they want it. While movie theaters are still trying to hang on, I’m not confident that they will stay the powerful force they once were. A very similar story has unfolded in the television arena. Television hit its golden age in the 50s and 60s. Families would gather around their television sets to eat dinner and enjoy -quality family time. The television was often the heart of the home. Family-friendly sitcoms with simple plot lines and second-class actors took over the small screen. Then, into the 2000s-2010s, television began to erupt in the content department. Instead of 3-5 channels, there were now thousands. More complex dramas with cinema-like storylines, special effects and actors became popular. With television turning out cinema-like productions, it’s not surprising it followed the same streaming model as the movies, as well. Netflix doesn’t deal only in movies, it streams multiple seasons of television shows, as well. Now, Netflix isn’t the only player in the streaming game, either. Hulu and Amazon both have similar services that all offer original programming, with new and exclusive shows coming out every year. Between the television and the movie industries, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to make distinctions between the two. Some
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