The Reality Of Planned Parenthood And Abortion

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The Reality of Planned Parenthood and Abortion The truth is simple: We need Planned Parenthood in order to provide affordable and safe healthcare for people in the United States. Planned Parenthood had estimated that in 2013 and 2014 alone, its associates provided 865,721 Pap tests and breast exams, conducted 704,079 tests for HIV, and provided 1,440,495 emergency contraception kits. Yes, Planned Parenthood provides access to safe and legal abortion procedures, but they only account for three percent of the services the organization offers out of over five million Americans it serves. The effort of defunding Planned Parenthood due to their abortion services is absurd because those services are paid for out-of-pocket by the individual, and it takes away the many other essential services the organization has to offer. There is an inescapable myth that Planned Parenthood just does abortions. Planned Parenthood provides numerous services besides abortion, including and related to: adoption, birth control, body image, general healthcare, men’s sexual health, morning after pill, pregnancy, relationships, sex and sexuality, sexual orientation and gender, STD’s, women’s health, and more. Why defund an organization that gives such valuable, essential services, especially if the government does not fund abortions? They play a huge part in identifying and providing treatment for sexually transmitted diseases, help women who are pregnant and want to carry their babies to term and
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