The Reality Of Reality Tv

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Reality TV and You Television shows were created to entertain the public and soon generalized shows became a bore. Reality TV shows are widely varied but are similarly based on the lives of non-fictional characters that brings out their daily challenges and achievements. This genre of TV programs gives a huge impact to its audience of, mostly, twelve to nineteen year olds. Critics and bloggers heavily criticize the negative teachings of Reality TV and indirectly force viewers to shun away from it without glancing at the positive effects. Cooking, Food and Lifestyle improvement, and Competitive Reality TV shows positively affect the viewers by providing entertainment, encouragement to pursue personal happiness, and motivation to be resourceful and physically active. Reality TV shows positively influences viewers by providing amusement and pleasure. Food and cooking shows such as Top Chef fixates its objectives on the competitors’ spontaneous challenges and their solutions to that problem. This type of scenario pleases the viewers and gives them a sense of satisfaction. Top Chef is an example of a reality program that is more “individualized and specific” in content and no longer attracts a more generalized audience (Barton, Kristin M. 474). The type of gratification sought by viewers in this genre of Reality TV is referred to as “personal utility” (Barton, Kristin M., 473). Top Chef interests

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