The Reality Of Television Has On Store For Me Tonight

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It is Monday morning and I am already thinking about what reality television has in store for me tonight. There are so many shows to choose from at prime time, so instead of making a hard decision, I simply plan to watch them all. From Basketball Wives and Black Ink Crew to Love and Hip-hop and The Real Housewives of Atlanta, my Monday night seems to be very eventful. It is something about the constant drama that keeps my glued to the TV screen – the constant shouting and fussing, not to mention the occasional fist fight. As I am watching, I can hear my roommate say, “Nyliesha, how can you watch this stuff?” “Doesn’t it give you a headache?” I have not thought about it, but how can I continue to watch these shows, week after week? It is…show more content…
Many people cannot see these negative effects right away, but we all should be mindful to them for they help shape the society that we live in.
Severe alcohol and drug use is an epidemic that many Americans struggle with every day. With this being the case, there are countless measures taken to prevent further abuse of these substances such as media coverage, policies and programs used to educate the masses about this ongoing problem. But reality television has not got on board with the anti-alcohol and drug abuse movement. On many reality television shows, alcohol and drug abuse are glamorized to viewers as if using these substances in a casual way is acceptable. It has been “noted that television watching habits may influence drinking behaviors because televised portrayals of alcohol use and its effects may greatly inform [peoples’] beliefs and attitudes about the substance." Therefore, the constant portrayal of casual drinking and drug use in reality television has a negative impact on the social development of society because people, especially the youth you framing their lives around what they see on TV.
Not only does reality television glamorize drinking and drug abuse but it also presents excessive bullying with no
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