The Reality Of Television Series Essay

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As one is watching their favorite television series, it is quite common for it to be interrupted with previews of new and upcoming shows. A particular preview catches one’s eye, so a mental note is made to watch the premier thinking that it will be great. The time finally arrives; the series premier. Unfortunately, it ends up that the show isn’t anything like what was anticipated. What happened? Strictly based on what was seen in the preview, it was predicted that the new television show was going to be great. In many instances, however previews are just a glimpse into the whole picture, as a way to get individuals motivated to watch. It wasn’t until the actual premier of the show was watched that one had enough information to establish the reality that it wasn’t in line with what was predicted. Just like this example, predictions are made about individuals as well, some may actually fall in line with what the reality is, yet some can just leave a perception which doesn’t mean its reality. Predictions about individuals can derive from various forms such as evidence, assumptions, or even ordinary information individuals have learned throughout their lives (McLeod, 2008). Individuals can utilize these various forms for cultural and individual predictions about others which can be based on appearance, behavior, stereotype, background, and family. From a cultural perspective, there have been predictions made about my beliefs, values, thoughts, views, etc. For instance, one

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