The Reality Of The Innocent

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Julissa Lopez
Mrs. Snow
English 2 Honors
21 April 2016
The Reality of the Innocent People of color have faced discrimination for a very long time. Statistics show that African-Americans and Hispanics face more discrimination from police more than any other ethnicity. This is the sad truth that many innocent people have to face throughout their lives, building unnecessary fear. Law enforcement often have harsh opinions about people based on their race and class, thus making certain ethnicities more prone to getting racially profiled. Racial profiling is unjust because people are unfairly and frequently stopped or searched by authority figures solely based on their skin color; therefore, law enforcement needs to evaluate themselves by changing their prejudiced behavior or even to excogitate the problem in a fairer manner. In many cases, a certain tragic event can sometimes lead to hate and discrimination towards specific ethnicities. One article states, “Another example of racial profiling is the targeting, ongoing since the September 11th attacks, of Arabs, Muslims and South Asians for detention on minor immigrant violations in the absence of any connection to the attacks on the World Trade Center or the Pentagon.”(“Racial”). This information shows how when something tragic and horrific occurs because of a few naive people of a certain race many people tend to think of everyone of that particular race to be threats. It also shows that this problem just does not go away
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