The Reality Of The Media

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However, if people are able to accept their selves and uniqueness, then this could fix the representation of the media. If one person could just step ahead of others and take charge of the wrong that’s going on with the media, then it’ll encourage everyone to do so. Everybody should be able to express their inner self because if everyone went by a “mirror” of what they were, would it really be true? There are so many fake people these days that it’s hard to pick out the real ones. The fakes of the media do whatever they can do to be accepted by others and fit in. Not everyone needs to fit in. If everyone tried to fit in, to be like everyone else, we would all be robots. There would be no uniqueness or variety of characteristics, “By…show more content…
It shows that not everything will be a piece of cake and it’s better to deal with certain circumstances rather than trying to fix something that is irreparable. Lastly, collaboration plays a big role by, “understand how to work with people to bring out the best in them.” It makes or breaks the character by bringing in new ideas that can bring the people together. Using these ideas can help the media representation convert to a more comfortable world. It builds the character and spreads awareness to all wrongs. Meanwhile, there are Medias representations of masculine and famine, just liked there is of different ethnicity. Females allow the media to tell them who and what they should date in males. Males are intrigued by the slim thick, long luscious hair, beautiful skin presented in females. It sets all the standards for them so all they have to do is match it up and find their mate. Nowadays couples post pictures all on social media, revealing their relationship in many ways. A lot of people praise these couples because they have the dream or ideal relationship everyone wishes to have. Believe it or not, some couples are fake and only displays these images for the likes, shares and just overall attention. The fact that they do this sends false hope to people who look up to them and
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