The Reality Of The Television

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That confusion made the audience take the broadcast seriously, and therefore caused mass hysteria. Multiple newspapers from the time reported of people rushing the streets and calling into their local police stations asking about the alien invasion. One firsthand account even states that a couple drove out to the tall timbers in Oregon, turned off the car and just sat there. They wanted their final moments to be together in silence. People actually believed it was happening. (American Experience, 2015) Welles had done it. He tapped into the American psyche, and scared people. In the interview after the broadcast, he denied everything. Dad couldn’t fathom why people would even think the broadcast was real, Welles daughter has said. Welles’s genius didn’t stop at that night in 1938. Intact, through that broadcast, Welles found himself in Hollywood signing a contract with a multiple film deal with RKO Pictures. ( Bogdanovich, 1992) Welles’s contract had one clause that is still rare in Hollywood today, the full creative control clause. Basically, what that means is that RKO guaranteed Welles full control over the films he chose to make, RKO had to release whatever Welles gave them. Welles used this opportunity to voice his opinion of a massive tycoon at the time, William Randolph Hearst. Hearst was a business man that owned the majority of the newspapers in the country. Any story that he didn’t want to be news, was not run. Welles hated this. Not because of Hearts

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