The Reality Of The Universe

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Our lives are limited, the majority of them ending just before becoming a century old. Our collective age as a species is also miniscule, lasting only the hour before New Year’s if the existence of our universe was shrunk into a calendar year. This puts not only time, but our limitations into perspective. Such vast numbers cannot be comprehended by our minds, hence the popular calendar metaphor. Studying astronomy makes aware to us our limitations and thus reveals an awe-inspiring new realm that we could not have grasped even a glimpse of before.
Neil deGrasse Tyson begins us on our journey through the universe by giving us our cosmic address – where we are in our vast universe. It goes from as close to home as our planet, Earth, and as far out as the observable universe, with the solar system, Milky Way galaxy, Local Group, and Virgo Supercluster in between. Finding our place in the universe like this takes us through clusters of stars separated by unimaginable amounts of empty space. Looking at ourselves in this way puts everything into perspective and shows how small we are and how little we have truly explored. Not only have we explored an amount so small that rounding it would equate to zero, our existence itself has lasted an irrelevant duration in the history of the universe.
As far as we know, our universe is about 14 billion years old… we ourselves might live to be between 80 and 100 on average. All of humanity has existed for only about 200,000 years. Viewing…

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