The Reality Of Workers

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1. The Reality of Workers
In retail industry, 54% of workforce (1,571,900) are in the sales and customer service occupations. For example, the core occupation of sales and retail assistants has 1,089,300 people. (ONS)[1] However, 52% of NMW jobs are account by hospitality, retail and cleaning sector. 10% of jobs in retail are paid at or below the NMW.[2] In other words, most of workers in these positions are earning low-paid salaries.
On a campaign website which called 38degrees, 33,913 signatures were signed for calling Tesco to pay its workers living wage within a year. A Tesco’s employee claimed that most of employee do not even have a chance to enjoy Tesco’s benefits package, not even training and career opportunities. Especially, most of those front line workers who are considered as the most important role in providing great customer experience are not able to earn enough to live up, even with a full time role.[3] Also in 2014, Citizens UK and ShareAction sabotaged Tesco’s price tags to call on Tesco to adopt the Living Wage.[4] As part of the campaign, the group has altered some of Tesco 's price tags to show £8.80 per hour, followed by "Tesco 's finest workers deserve a Living Wage".
Overall, the living wage issue has existed for so long that public may not care much if the current market environment which UK supermarkets are facing has increased the difficulty of raising the base salaries.

2. The environment, the trends
The section analysis the move of…
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