Essay on The Reality of Political Realism

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When discussing whether or not a nation-state should enter a war and when to do so, three beliefs on foreign policy and war exist. The three different diplomatic stances are that of pacifism, just war theory, and political realism. Political realism, or realpolitik as it is often referred to, is the belief war should only occur when it is in the national interest of the particular nation-state. Henry Kissinger, a political realist, in his book Diplomacy argues that realism is the only logical answer. Just war theorists, along with pacifists, on the other hand oppose these arguments and therefore critique of this form of diplomatic action. To construct a valid understanding of the realist perspective the arguments Kissinger puts forth in…show more content…
Darwin's survival of the fittest was a strong belief Roosevelt held and theorized all life followed the ideas of natural selection. Natural selection and survival of the fittest are theories that the strong will naturally survive by both, eliminating the weak and having greater likelyhood to pass on.

With the German invasion of Luxenbourgh and Belgium directly breaking treaties previously signed stating peace Roosevelt stated to not take sides. Roosevelt's reaction was that of no concern at first, yet he was concerned once war erupted in Europe. Mainly concerned that the war would disrupt the balance of power in Europe and the German invasions would lead to German invasions pressing forward into Latin and South America. German military occupations in Latin America would pose a direct threat for the US if this were to be true. Roosevelt felt the problem would inevitably resolve itself prior to occupations in Latin America based on the principles that a balance of power still exists. A balance of power is the way the European government had operated for quite sometime now. If one nation-state became all powerful and started campaigns to take over other nation-states in Europe, a coalition of nation-states would form to put down the aggressing nation-state to insure the stability of their own nation-state. Therefore, according to Roosevelt and his political realist views, a country
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