The Reality of Sex Slavery in the Present Day

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In Margaret Atwood’s novel, Oryx and Crake, she constantly places the reader in an uncomfortable environment. The story takes place in a not so distant future where today’s world no longer exists due to an unknown catastrophe. The only human is a man who calls himself the Abominable Snowman or Snowman for short, but in his childhood days his name was Jimmy. If the thought of being all alone in the world is not uneasy enough, Atwood takes this opportunity to point out the flaws of the modern world through Snowman’s reminiscing about Jimmy’s childhood. The truths exposed are events that people do not want to acknowledge: animal abuse for human advancement, elimination of human interaction due to technology, and at the core of the…show more content…
Human trafficking or sex slavery is a real occurrence. Force 4 Compassion, a website designated to informing the public about human trafficking reports, “3,287 people are sold or kidnaped and forced into slavery every day. That’s 136 an hour and that’s just the reported cases” (“Human Trafficking Facts”). Atwood shines light on the situation by stating one of the main reasons human trafficking occurs is “because there was only so much food to go around" (Atwood 117). In a world with so much why do young children and families with so little have to suffer? Why must these girls come to peace with the images they have seen? Why must families justify the sales of their daughters by stating “In the village it was not called ‘selling,’ this transaction. The talk about it implied apprenticeship. The children were being trained to earn their living in a wide world” (Atwood 116). An honest living that involves a girl not yet a teenage to undress in front of a man multiple times her age in exchange for money (Atwood 131). It does not have to be that way. Atwood makes that clear. If the root of the problem is there is not enough food for the children to survive there is a simple solution. If society was more aware of what was happening the increase in awareness and charitable contributions could lead to a hopeful tomorrow. While this answer seems easy enough to apply the
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