The Realm Of Human Commodification

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The realm of human commodification has been complicated by the consideration of the connotation of “labor.” Human beings have been converted into faceless commodities, bought and sold in order to improve the profit margins of impersonal corporations. Thus, countries like the Philippines have evolved into a global labor market. Human beings are now being imported and exported to serve the whims of a capitalist market. The commodification of human beings has resulted in an impersonalization of social relations, which have now come to hold economic terminology. Human creativity and potential has been reduced to a wage-regulated transport of labor. While those at the top of the capitalist food chain enjoy the pleasures of a materialist world, those at the bottom loose their status as feeling, thinking human beings. Beyond the realm of political legality, there exists a commodification of human for a different kind of “labor.” Sex trafficking presents itself as the underground by-product of the concept of “tradable” human “labor.” Women and children are trafficked all around the world as “laborers” serving “sex.” This has led to a dual commodification. While women and children have been commodified as “laborers”, sex to has been reduced to a dehumanized “product”. Thus, people no longer sell merely their products in the market, but instead, are led to sell “themselves” recognizing their own value as commodities. The commodfied humans offer their services as “use value.” The
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