The Realm Of Options Trading

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How to Be Brave and Smart in the Realm of Options Trading
By Steve Sarnoff
Jul 27, 2011
A lot of people get nervous once you start talking about options. After all, they 're not your standard investment. You really have to read between the lines and have a keen eye for short-term trends... Sometimes, those trends only last for a few hours.

But, with all that said, with keen investing sense and the right preparation you could make some very nice gains on the open options market.Through my own experience, both as a trader and from learning from my father, I 've discovered some powerful secrets that could help you in becoming the best options investor you can be...

Maximize Your Options Gains with These Six Trading Secrets

At first glance, it may seem like speculating with options is a risky business. After all, price swings of 30% in an hour are far from comfortable for most investors. But with risk comes reward -- and when you can manage that risk successfully, the rewards far outweigh the risks over time. That 's where these six trading secrets come in...

They 're the tools I 've turned to for decades to maximize my gains as an options investor while keeping my risks tolerable. My Options Hotline readers have used these rules to maximize their options gains over the years too, and now, I 'm passing them on to you...

Speculators get a bad rap. The very word conjures up pictures of some carefree playboy throwing money into any crazy investment -- not really caring if they

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