The Realm Of Organizational Change And Development Essay

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In the realm of organizational change and development there is a standard model that is considered among most organizational development professionals to be the basic format for planned changed known as the General Model of planned Change. Essentially what organizational development professionals are dealing with is almost exclusively centered around planned change. That same type of planned change was present within the Sunflower Incorporated Company which started their planned change initiative in early 1989. The technology that the company was looking to change was the financial reporting system in order to have a new system that is able to compare sales, cost, and profit margins on a regional basis. The company decided to open a new position that was specifically targeted at maximizing the performance of the companies financial goals and they hired a new pricing manager by the name of Agnes Albanese who was in charge of conducting the internal price management initiative. While her ideas were perceived positively among the internal executive groups as a whole there was some pushback on the new pricing format. In Mrs. Albanese attempt to make the financial department more efficient and decided that all pricing and purchasing decisions should be made on standardized across all regions of the organization. Secondly, she mandated that all local price increases higher than 3 percent must also be approved through her and any contracts of local purchases that were higher
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