The Realm Of Social Media News

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In the realm of social media news, anything goes. What could never appear in a “legitimate” newspaper or television news outlet is now the norm for those informed via Twitter and Facebook. The “Bizarre Tricks” and “Top Ten” lists that dominate your newsfeed aren’t a coincidence. They are there for one simple reason. Because you want to look at them. Social media news is completely driven by ad traffic. When you click on a headline, that click shows the maker of the content what their audience is interested in. This information isn’t simply acknowledged, it tailors the entire site to be more click-worthy. Inside this war of clicks, articles that seem unbelievable, articles that seem outrageous, and articles that pander to extremists will stomp out the competition every single time. What will get shared? What title will people look at in awe? These are some of the factors taken into consideration for social media news outlets. The Gawkers and Buzzfeeds of the world realize that informative news has already taken a back seat to entertainment, and they are out to exploit this to the fullest. They have the demographics of their entire user base. They can look at studies and use polls to identify the hot-button issues that these groups care about. With such insight, they can write articles as if they were written specifically for each of their readers. Or rather, create propaganda that their audience would approve of. People who find the Buzzfeed propaganda to be distasteful…
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