The Realms Of Life Is Defined As A Lifestyle

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“Wellness” in practice is defined as a lifestyle, in which a person consciously attempts to balance the realms of their life (Test 1). The realms of life are defined as career, emotional, environmental, financial, spiritual, physical, social, and intellectual (Office of Health; Seligman 2011). Personally an individual can benefit their general wellness through recognizing the choices that affect these realms and understanding the repercussions of these choices; however, the industries of today’s world can also benefit wellness by providing an environment that promotes healthier choices. In today’s world the ability for a person to “live life well” is seriously hindered by the amount of unhealthy choices and the lack of promotion toward the healthier choice. This is exemplified in a college or university community. College students are consistently one of the unhealthiest demographics in America due to healthier choices either being unaffordable or being lost in a sea of unhealthy choices. At Clarion University the school fall’s victim to this occurrence in several of the realms of life. For instance the schools choice toward closing the low cost housing options in exchange for more expensive suite style living is hindering financial wellness for a variety of students who may not be able to afford the one campus housing. By closing Wilkinson and Nair the cheapest options left for on campus housing is actually considered the off campus housing of the Reinhard…
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