The Realms Of Life Is Defined As A Lifestyle

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“Wellness” in practice is defined as a lifestyle, in which a person consciously attempts to balance the realms of their life (Test 1). The realms of life are defined as career, emotional, environmental, financial, spiritual, physical, social, and intellectual (Office of Health; Seligman 2011). Personally an individual can benefit their general wellness through recognizing the choices that affect these realms and understanding the repercussions of these choices; however, the industries of today’s world can also benefit wellness by providing an environment that promotes healthier choices. In today’s world the ability for a person to “live life well” is seriously hindered by the amount of unhealthy choices and the lack of promotion toward…show more content…
These costs go towards gas for vehicles which are needed to get to and from the housing options and in maintaining the personal kitchen and bathroom units which are not available in the old options. This adds an additional financial burden to students who are already struggling with the costs of the attending the University in general. In addition to the change to the cost of housing options Clarion also falls short in the physical wellness. The school only has one real fitness center where students are able to exercise which is located towards the bottom of the campus. The recreational center is readily accessible for students whose’ housing is closest to the center of campus; however this becomes a problem for the students living in the suites on Main, Wilkinson, and Nair which are located at the bottom of the hill on the completely opposite side of the campus. It is simple human nature that the students are not likely to choose to go too far out of their way to maintain wellness. Students in these housing options have to go out of their way in simply making the trip; this is then intensified by the addition of the weather. To fix this the University could add smaller fitness centers in the basements of each of the dorms. These need only to include simple free weights which are cheap to buy and require
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