The Reaper's Image

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The Reaper's Image This story is about two men who were transporting an antique mirrow from the first floor of an old museum to the fifth. Their names were Spangler and Carlin. This mirror had a history of being haunted, and some people would look into the mirror and see a hooded figure standing behind them. This figure was presumed to be Death, and whenever someone would see this figure they were never seen again. Carlin spends the whole story trying to convice Spangler that this is really true, but Spangler just calls Carlin crazy. Finally, near the end of the story, Spangler looks in the mirror and sees a dark inperfection in the corner, which he mistakes for friction tape. When Carlin tells him that there is no friction tape…show more content…
A very odd story, if not somewhat disturbing, much like most of his other short stories. The Wedding Gig This story is about a man who was in a jazz group of five musicians. One day while they are playing in their usual club, a gangster comes in and pulls aside the main character. The gangster Mike Scollay asks the main character if he and his band will play for the wedding of his sister. He will pay two hundred dollars for this, which was a lot of money in the 1930's. When asked what the catch is, Scollay proceeds to tell him that his sister is extremely fat, and she is marrying an Italian while she is Irish. Scollay warns him that he hates it when people laugh, so the main character tells the band this before they go to the wedding. At the wedding everything was going fine until about 8pm, when someone from a rival gang of Greeks came in and delivered a message from the boss. He said that this marriage was a joke, and everyone laughed at his sister. Scollay runs out and gets killed by the Greeks waiting outside. Then the story moves into the future, where it turns out that the over wieght sister became a crime boss and was responsible for the death of theGreek boss, and overturned two other rival gangs. This was the one story that was really different from the other ones. He wrote this story in a more understandable fashion. I think that the main theme to

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