The Reason Behind The Consumer 's Need For Balance Essay

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notion that people have a basic desire for balance in their lives (Hennig-Thurau, et al., 2004). The reason behind the consumer’s need to express positive emotions is that the consumer’s positive consumption experiences contribute to a psychological tension inside him or her because of a strong desire to want to share the joy of the experience with someone. And also the factors driving consumers to spread positive on line customer review in online consumer-opinion platforms Based on social psychology literature, they distinguished five key motivations: egoistic (e.g. “the goal is to increase one’s own welfare, collective (e.g. the goal is to increase the group’s benefits), altruistic (e.g. voluntary increasing the welfare of individuals other than one’s self), principality (e.g. “the ultimate goal of upholding some moral principle, such as justice or the utilitarian principle of the greatest good for the greatest number, and knowledge self-efficacy (e.g. “a personal judgment of one 's capability to execute actions required for designated types of performances” (Cheung and Lee, 2012). The negative feelings associated with dissatisfying consumption experiences on a consumer-opinion platform can serve to lessen the frustration and reduce the anxiety associated with the event. A consumer’s desire for catharsis is known to be a major driving force behind the articulation of negative personal experiences. Accordingly, sharing a negative consumption experience through the
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