The Reason For Being Written By Dante

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Great literature is something that is valued across the ages as an important part of life and culture. Literature, almost by definition, is often used to reflect the time and place it was written either by style in which the work was written, the impression that the piece gives, or, in Dante’s case, the reason for being written. While it can be argued that Dante wrote Inferno as a way to reflect on his dissatisfaction with what was going on in Florence at the time, it is possible to see other ways in which Dante put some of his own differing beliefs into the work as well. By close-reading the passages where Dante encounters those of the Muslim faith, Dante’s contempt for those he encounters becomes apparent, but it also creates the…show more content…
As it turns out, as this applied to everyone in Europe, not just those in Florence, no one was safe from the pen of Dante. By writing the Inferno, Dante was able to attack those who he thought were unholy in a way that would last lifetimes. One such person that Dante was unhappy with was the prophet of Islam, Muhammad, referred to in the novel as Mahomet, possibly as a form of bullying or belittling on Dante’s part. In the Inferno, Dante encounters Mohammad in the eighth circle in its ninth bolgia, a bolgia being a ditch made of stone. He finds Mohammad he observes that Mohammad is: …ripped open from chin to where we fart. Between his legs his cuts spilled out, with the heart and other vital parts, and the dirty sack that turns to shit whatever the mouth gulps down. (24-27) The reason for Mohammad’s physical and gruesome spilt is the same as the reason that he is in one of the lowest circles of hell: schism. Mohammad was seen as a Christian renegade who caused a split in Christianity which in turn developed into Islam, and ultimately became the cause of any unrest between the two religions. Since medieval Christians, and therefore the Church and Dante, saw him as the person at fault for the split in Christianity along with causing strife in the church, Dante saw Mohammad as not only going against God but
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