The Reason For The Relocation

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Father always sternly lectured my siblings and I to watch what we ate and drank since my mother died from food poisoning a few years back. At the time, that was not one of our main concerns. Then, we had consumed anything edible we got our hands on. My family, which consisted of my father, my two siblings, and me, along with five hundred thousand other people and their livestock was following the Cherokee trail, headed west to the country of milk and honey, California. All of us had hopes and dreams that would hopefully come true once we got to our destination. Most of the migrating families were either penurious, escaping religious persecution, or Europeans who wanted a fresh start in the west. Thankfully, my family was none of those. In Indiana, our home, father was a well-known merchant, who everybody in our quaint town purchased goods from, so our family was quite wealthy. The reason for our relocation was because father wanted to expand his booming business to California. We were a long way from home. The two hundred and fifty wagons, each pulled by a yoke of oxen, were split into small groups, called companies, to make travel easier. We were at Independence, Missouri, resting until we were ready to cross the Missouri River with a ferry.
In the morning, I helped my father secure our belongings onto our wagon, so while on the ferry, nothing would fall out. My family, luckily, were one of the wagons in the lead, meaning we were the first ones on the steamboat. The ferry…
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