The Reason Of Importing Large Numbers Of Reality Tv Shows From Korea

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The reasons of importing large numbers of reality TV shows from Korea Why do these satellite television stations become rushing to buy Korea 's reality TV from at first learning from the western countries? Reality TV stemmed from Western countries, the source of Korea’s reality TV shows is also from Western countries. But Korea experienced imitation and study from the West, Reality TV this kind of programs has a new development. The main feature of Korea’s reality TV shows is celebrities participating. Television programme which is the outcome of culture and economic development influences people’s consumption and living concepts. Different cultures have their own characteristics of the ethnic culture, so adding these special properties into programmes’ design and production can make these programmes meaningful. Because of the geographical proximity and similar historical experiences of China and Korea, Chinese culture has higher degree of fusion with Korea’s culture than with Western culture. In CBS’s Survivor, there were 16 participators from different social backgrounds, occupations. They were taken to a remote isolated location and given the most primitive tools to live in this environment about one month. They need to participate in mental and physical matches. The whole precess used elimination system. The final survivor will win up to 1 million dollars. In addition to the strong temptation of 1 million dollars, the most rules of the show were encouraging

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