The Reason USA got Involved in Vietnam

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The Reason USA got Involved in Vietnam At the beginning of World War 2 Vietnam, a small country to the south of China, was under the control of the French. However, The Chinese had control before the war. The Chinese rule had influenced the Vietnamese who based their everyday lives on the Chinese ways of life. E.g. Language, as the French took power Vietnam had to take a dramatic change in the way that they lived. They had to become Catholic, like the French, which was not very popular as they had already become Buddhist and were not ready to change their religion. The Vietnamese started to attack the Catholic priests to try and keep Vietnam as a Buddhist country. As a result to the actions taken…show more content…
America offered financial backing and stability to any country that accepted capitalism and became democratic. Truman felt that a lot of communist countries would be competing for power in and around Europe so he thought it was America's duty to protect Europe from this competition and save it from communism. However, they also felt that it was vital to stop communism in Vietnam and to stop Ho Chi Minh. In America they created and passed the Alien act, which prohibited anyone from plotting against the government. It was passed because of the feeling o undermining over the American communist party. So, The American people were encouraged to accuse others of holding left wing views. The leaders of the American communist party were arrested. Previous to Vietnam, The USA had already tried to ban communism in Korea and Cuba. During the Korean war North Korea was communist whereas the south was anti-communist. Russia and the people's republic of China assisted the north. The south however, was assisted by three major world powers. USA, Britain and France. June 25th 1950 - North Korea sent 135,000 troops into the south. President Truman decided that he would help the south so he sent in ships and advisors along with troops to try and cut short the journey made by the northern troops and force them back up north. McArthur wanted to send the
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